"I visited the Happy Health Clinic to have treatment on a stubborn verruca that I'd had for many years and was unable to remove with other methods. I found Happy Health Clinics very friendly, informative and open about the course of treatment required. I'm now verruca free and can finally have pedicures again. I no longer feel embarrassed about my feet. I'd 100% recommend this treatment and the clinic. I'm really happy with the results. Thank you."

Alison Wenlock


Happy Health Clinic is the place to go for all your podiatry needs.
Highly professional, friendly, and affordable treatment for all those
pesky problems with your feet; whether it be verrucas, calluses,
ingrown nails, corns, and bunions. When your feet look and feel great
so do you!
One very happy customer

Simon Cheng




I would highly recommend Happy Health clinics. The service was great and very professional. The treatment offered was successful, where previous treatments at other places hadn't worked.

Cynthia Pares


"Happy Health Clinics helped me with a rather painful verruca - legacy of my crowded gym.
Although the process can take time, within a few treatments, it was all gone. Most importantly
the treatment was very hygienic and dealt with in a professional manner. I would recommend the
clinic to anyone with a verruca"

Faidon C.



After trying many over the counter remedies and some folk-lore ones too, I eventually sought professional advice from Happy Health Clinics. I'm pleased to say my verruca ( which I had had for four/five years) has finally been successfully treated, and I am no longer embarrassed about my feet.

Michelle Lopez